Hey Gap Queen! I love your smile!

The "Gap Queen/Loved" collection of pins is totally about representation and adding some gap-toothed smiles to the pin game!  This one's for the diastema crew.  Those who may or may not want to close them.  Or who may or may not be self-conscious when speaking or smiling.  She is for us!  Our gaps have been tied to fortune and considered a sign of beauty, though we may not always see our smiles represented in popular culture iconography as such.  Here's to us!  #SmileForMeRightQuick is almost what I added to her head wrap and on the bond of her hat.  Instead, I chose to call her by our beauty mark:  "Gap Queen" (which is also a nod to Coloring Pins' "Wrap Queen" pin).  

She was purposely manufactured in three different flesh tones.  

Oh, and get into Auntie Loved's look, honey!! She's been vacationing, okay?!! 

Tag a "Gap Queen".  

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