Detroit Soul

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Yes, indeed!  I was born and raised in Detroit and I do love my city!  When I sketched the original design on June 14, 2014, I was nostalgic of younger days in symphony orchestra -- yet appreciative of each and every lesson learned and earned in my city. Not to mention the culture and musical soul that runs deep in the city!  We grind hard. We work hard. We play hard. We represent the city and the strength of those who paved the way. I Am proud to be from The D...always. 

You can take the girl outta Detroit, but you can't take DETROIT outta the girl! 

Detroit Soul, everybody!  #HardlyHomeAlwaysReppin #313 #8MileandEvergreen #WestSide #7Mile #Motown #ToDetroitWithLove #HelloDetroit



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